Can you set up Gmail as a POP account?

It is fundamental to design the Gmail POP settings on the off chance that you need to get messages from an alternate email customer. Suppose you need your Gmail messages in Outlook then you should enter the worker settings. Whenever you have done it, you can design the BT Mail customer to download the messages from the Gmail worker.

Activate POP in Gmail

You will be needed to empower POP in the Gmail account before you attempt to design the email customer. You can do it by following the means referenced underneath: 

  • Click-on the stuff symbol and afterward select Settings 
  • At the point when you arrive at the 'Settings' screen, click on 'Sending and POP/IMAP' alternative 
  • At the point when you go over the 'POP Download' tab, click on 'Empower POP for all mail' or 'Empower POP for mail that shows up from now into the foreseeable future 
  • Pick 'When messages are gotten to with POP' choice and snap on what will happen when the Gmail messages are conceded admittance by means of the email customer 
  • On the off chance that you click on 'keep Gmail's duplicate in the inbox' regardless of whether you erase the messages in the separate email customer, you can in any case see them in the internet browser when you sign in to your Gmail account 
  • Presently Click on 'Save changes' whenever you are finished
Configure the email client with Gmail POP settings

In order to configure the email client with Gmail POP settings, you will need to create a new account. The way to do it differs from one email client to another.

Setup Gmail in Outlook

  • Click on 'Record' and afterward pick 'Data' when you open Outlook 
  • At that point click on 'Record settings' and afterward again on 'Record settings' 
  • At the point when the case opens up, click on 'Email' and afterward pick 'New' 
  • At the point when you go over the 'Add Account' box, fill in your name, email ID, and secret word 
  • Different subtleties will be filled in naturally. On the off chance that you wish to top them off all alone, you can pick 'Manual arrangement or extra worker types' and afterward click on the straightaway 
  • Presently click on pop or IMAP' and afterward click on 'Next' 
  • After that you can enter the beneath referenced settings: 
  • Gmail POP worker address: 
  • POP username: Your Gmail address 
  • Gmail POP secret phrase: Your Gmail secret phrase 
  • POP port: 995 
  • POP SSL required: yes 
  • Click-on 'Next' and Outlook will run a test and let you know whether it can download the messages from Gmail or not
It could likewise be a case that you will be approached to enter both the POP and SMTP settings on a similar screen. 

In the event that your email customer can't associate with Gmail, you ought to actuate the less secure application access setting in Google. 

You can likewise empower the SMTP confirmation on the active worker to arrange Gmail POP settings in a superior manner. 

In the event that there is whatever else that you might want to think about Gmail POP settings then you can associate with BT Mail specialists.


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